Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Paris, ah Paris . . .

A few days ago, Sue at Une Femme listed a few of her favourite Paris-themed books as gift suggestions, and she invited readers to add to her list. I left this comment at her post, and then I realized that it might be as much as I'll ever end up writing about Kati Morton's very deserving memoir, Paris: A Love Story. So here's that very short synopsis of a book I think you would enjoy: 

In Paris: A Love Story, Kati Morton looks back, through tears, at her life with Richard Holbrooke, after first outlining her earlier years -- a young immigrant to the US, then returning to Europe to attend university in Paris, building her career as a journalist and writer, her marriage to Peter Jennings, and the moving courtship with Holbrooke, much of it played out in favourite Paris locales. Not only evocative of Paris itself, but it also sketches some very important 20th-21st century events while telling of a very moving love. Not to miss. . .

This title joins a fairly decent contingent of Paris-themed books I've mentioned here. To find some of them, click here.

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