Monday, June 13, 2011

Three for the Big Armchair -- two mysteries and a Paris memoir

Some recent light reading:

Jeffrey Deaver's The Burning Wire: Another Lincoln Rhyme's mystery, this one will have you flipping those light switches very carefully, keeping small appliances well away from water, and being generally very mindful of electricity's terrifying possibilities.

Lee Child's Worth Dying For: The man rides into town and single-handedly transforms an entire community. You've gotta love it!! I read in this past weekend's Globe and Mail book section that Malcolm Gladwell eagerly stalks his local bookstore waiting for the next Jack Reacher release. Me too!

Elizabeth Bard's Lunch in Paris: Packaged as chicklit, this is a well-written, entertaining memoir with some enlightening analysis of the difference between French and (North) American culture. There's also some interesting commentary on the "French women don't get fat" phenomenon, nicely balanced with a wealth of inspiring recipes. I so much enjoyed the copy left behind in our Paris apartment that I downloaded an e-version on my Kobo, primarily for the recipes (and most especially, for a chocolate soufflé that I've been saving to cheer up a rainy day).


  1. Oooh, I might get that Paris book on my Kindle!

  2. Perfect for you with recipes and all!

  3. I read Lunch in Paris last year and enjoyed it. Elizabeth Bard has a blog that regularly features recipes and food-related posts.
    - Hope

  4. Thanks for that info, Hope -- the blog looks great!

  5. And thanks from me, Hope - I'll be keeping up with that blog!